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What are rating plates, revision, model and serial numbers?

A rating plate is an identification plate on your appliance, it will normally at a minimum contain a model and serial number, but in some cases there are other numbers such as but not limited to revision, PNC or En-r. In most cases this will be accessible without having to uninstall the appliance.

Model Number: This number is used to differentiate between models in a company's line of appliances. Many appliances can share a model number, but there can be various revisions of the same model, so it's not usually enough to source a part by model alone.

Serial number: Often abbreviated to S/N, this number is a unique identification number chosen by a company and given to each appliance produced.

Normally, at least the model and serial number are required to source parts, however there are some exceptions to this where we can source parts with the serial alone, or the model alone, or in some cases neither of those is enough and we need the other numbers from the rating plate.

If we ask for your rating plate, please always provide a picture of the plate itself rather than a note you have made of the details. This prevents parts being ordered incorrectly due to a mistake in taking down the details.

The following is an approximate location, however please note that the rating plate on your specific appliance may not be in the exact same location.

Washing Machines and Dryers

Rating Plate Location


Rating Plate Location


Rating Plate Location

Fridges & Freezers

Rating Plate Location   Rating Plate Location   Rating Plate Location   Rating Plate Location